Expert Jewelry Repair

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Over time and over regular use, your pieces of jewelry will break. Bring your broken jewelry to Clark Loan & Jewelry for expert repair. If your gold chain or silver bracelet snaps in two, come to Clark Loan and Jewelry to get it fixed “while you wait”. Our professional jewelers are experts at repairing jewelry, repairing broken rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and more.

Broken Jewelry Fixed “While You Wait”

It can be stressful when jewelry breaks. It often comes with feelings of sadness, worry or guilt. Don’t fear, because your jewelry is not ruined forever. It’s a temporary problem that can be fixed! At Clark Loan and Jewelry,  broken jewelry is a manageable problem with an easy, affordable solution. In most cases, we can repair your damaged jewelry in just a few minutes, while you browse our shop.

Dirty Jewelry is Not a Problem

Silver tarnishes very easily and is one of the hardest metals to maintain. Wearing jewelry on a regular basis, it’s bound to get dirty. This is natural and even expected. Clark Loan and Jewelry offers professional jewelry cleaning services. Each piece of jewelry is carefully cleaned, as if it were our own.