Collateral Pawn Loans

If you need $100 to make it through the week to your next paycheck, where are you going to get the money? A bank is not going to touch a small loan like that, and even they did the bank would take a week or two to process the application. And asking friends or family can make people feel a little self-conscious. Clark Loan & Jewelry offers a professional and easy way to get immediate cash through non-recourse collateral loans.

You can get the cash you need, when you need it, without any hassles or cumbersome applications. Our loans are easier than you think because you’re working with a professional pawnbroker you can trust! At Clark Loan and Jewelry, you can get a quick renewable loan to meet any short-term cash need.

Clark Loan & Jewelry’s pawn loans are for 30 days initially. Our loans are renewable; by paying the monthly service fee on or before the due date, customers can extend the term of their loan by an additional 30 days. There is no limit to how long an item can remain “In Pawn”, in fact some customers have keep merchandise with us for several years.

While we accept almost any item of value, the most common items pawned are gold & silver jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, tools, antiques and collectibles. Anything that has a resale value that we are able to safely store on our premises is potentially eligible to be pawned at Clark Loan & Jewelry.

Pawn loan amounts are based strictly the value of your property and not your financial history. All of your merchandise in our possession is not for sale, for use, or shown to the public for the duration of the loan. It is safely and securely stored on premises and awaiting your return to redeem it. If you choose not to return for your merchandise, ONLY then will your items be put out for sale.

Now unlike traditional loans where late payments and defaults affect your credit history; collateral loans are non-recourse to the customer, meaning late payments and defaults do not affect your financial history whatsoever. If you fail to pay the monthly service fee on or before the 30th day of your pawn term, on the 31st day your loan goes into default and your merchandise is eligible for resale to the public. If there are circumstances preventing you from paying on-time, please contact us immediately at 410-273-2434 to make arrangements for payment. Any other form of correspondence will not be considered valid for extensions.