We Buy and Sell Electronics

Need quick cash? Bring us your electronics! Clark Loan and Jewelry are specialists in buying and selling electronics. High quality, good-working, late-model electronics, from cameras to iPods to mobile phones and more – all at the best prices in town! Sell us your stereos, computer monitors, game consoles, electric guitars and keyboards. Walk in with your electronics and walk out with cash!

Get Cash For:

  • Name brand quality, such as Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, LG, Panasonic, Yamaha, Apple, Dell, among others. Fair prices are also offered on off-brands, depending on quality and condition.
  • Late model electronics in good working condition.
  • Cutting edge technology devices of any kind.

Not sure what you’ve got? Bring it in! Clark Loan and Jewelry will help you value your electronics and tell you what they’re worth. If we can sell it with pride, we’ll offer the highest price of any other pawn shop!

Looking for musical instruments and electronics but can’t stomach the retail prices?

Buying guitars, keyboards amplifiers and drums can be an expensive proposition, but at Clark Loan and Jewelry, you can save over half the retail cost, with the same or near-same quality. Clark Loan & Jewelry sells only quality, dependable electronics and musical instruments that will last. Our loyal customers know this and depend on us to buy the best instruments and electronics at the fairest prices.

Looking for an upgrade? Short on cash and need to downgrade?

Bring in your well-cared-for devices and let’s see what we can do for you. Our goal is to leave you walking out the door with a smile and returning with confidence!